BFA acting early decision vs regular decision

Hi - What are the advantages to applying early decision to a bfa acting program, other than getting the audition process over with more quickly, and learning of the admissions decision sooner? Is there any bfa analogue to what can happen with early decision for ba applicants, where applying early decision increases the chance of admission?

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If you are very sure of a program and financial aid is not an issue, ED removes all of the waiting and the need to audition at many programs. You will still need to send out most prescreens since they are due before the ED notification date, but the audition dates for ED is in November I believe so it eliminates travel in the middle of the winter. I do believe there is a bump for ED for programs like NYU (although they will not take people who can’t succeed in the program so I can’t imagine the bump is great) and certainly is for Northwestern since it is a generally acceptance, but I dont know about other programs. I would think the main benefit is to know early and not have to audition and travel.


Agree with @helpingthekid73. D applied ED to NYU but auditioned at a few schools before the mid-November NYU audition to get her feet wet. She had one more after NYU before getting accepted ED. It saved us a lot of money in application/audition/travel fees.