BFA Acting major 2026

Hello! My D was accepted into a few schools for BFA in acting/drama major and is still waiting for a few more answers.

So far, from the ones she was accepted into, she has narrowed it down to Hartt and CCM (acting major). She also loves MT. can someone give us some insight on the highlights of both programs? thanks

Hi I just found this thread- I’m looking for info on CCM acting as my child was accepted there. We are going to visit soon. Seems very excited about that program over all others (including Elon?). I have visited Hartt with another child for MT in 2020. The theater building is updated and nice and the professors seem great but its kind of in a sketchy location. The University of Hartford campus is just not that great and Hartford is kind of a rough city (not sure where you are from just wanted to let you know in case you are from far away). I did not like the look of the frosh dorms.

Hopefully someone will write about CCM Acting soon:)

thank you so much for your reply! Please let me know what you think about CCM after your visit.
So far we are basing ourselves on online research. Hartt does seem more run-down but they have a semester abroad which my D is very interested in.
CCM seems to have top-notch facilities and dorms, but most of the info online is based on MT.

(my D received an amazing scholarship from Hartt)

I am glad that you mentioned the location is sketchy, we live in Canada and it is pretty safe here, so location safety is a big concern.

thanks again

Yes its much more urban and Hartford is kind of a run down city (hate to say it but true).
Great on the scholarship!! I think CCM releases financials in the next couple of weeks…lets hope for good news on that end!

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