BFA acting programs with early auditions?

Hi all, I’m researching programs ahead of time for my DS who wants to do a BFA acting. Are there programs with fall auditions? We live in the NY area. I was thinking it would be easier to get some done early instead of lumping them all together at Unifieds in NYC. Thanks in advance!

Yes! If he doesnt want to do ED there are a bunch. Emerson and New School both have early auditions (my son had EA admission for both by December or January). I think that there are a several others.

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okay, thank you!

I don’t have a list, and many will offer early auditions, but one thing to watch for when you do find them is whether they offer early notification too. Some schools will offer early notification for the first round of auditions, some are rolling for all auditions, and some release all at once in early spring even if you audition in November.

It’s nice to get some early responses!

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That’s a good point. It would be nice to have early auditions equal early acceptance.