Billy Crystal is going to host the Oscars..

<p>Now..I am going to watch..</p>

<p>Did anybody see his Broadway show a few years ago?</p>

<p>I thought he was mahvelous.</p>


<p>Bill McHale (Community) tweeted the day Eddie Murphy quit:</p>

<p>"I bet Billy Crystal's cell phone is lighting up".....</p>

<p>Looking forward to seeing Billy host again.......</p>

<p>(my personal vote was for Jimmy Fallon but nobody ever listens to me....haha)</p>

<p>I thought he was marvelous</p>

<p>Billy Crystal - Marvelous -</p>

<p>Lol..emeraldkity4..... Great....</p>

<p>"So bring those legs....and the rest of your body over here". :)</p>

<p>I can live with this. :)</p>

<p>Who were other great hosts?</p>

<p>Bob Hope
Johnny Carson
Robin Williams
Steve Martin
Whoopie Goldberg</p>

<p>It is great that Billy Crystal can step in but if the Academy wants to entice younger people to watch they are going to have to move permanently to the next generation of host. Hugh Jackman was good but is currently on Broadway. Neil Patrick Harris has hosted the Emmy and Tony awards. I would love to see him take on the Oscars. Youtube his opening number and the closing rap from the 2011 Tony Awards. David Javerbaum wrote the lyrics for the opening but Harris totally sold it.</p>

<p>I love NPH, but I'm happy to see Billy Crystal return as the Oscar host. His stand-up skills are just what's needed there, imo. NPH is too musically talented for the schlocky Oscar original song-and-dance things, which are somehow always worse than the schlocky original numbers they come up with for the Emmys.</p>

<p>I think Crystal will hit just the right note of eye-winking cynicism. He's my favorite host in recent memory, though I love Robin Williams and Jon Stewart. I don't think anyone will ever outshine Johnny Carson, though - class, wit, charm, and always the smartest guy in the room without being insufferable about it.</p>

<p>I don't know, Billy Crystal is starting to look like Miracle Max, only without makeup.</p>

<p>This belongs in the positive news thread!</p>

<p>I loved Billy Crystal as Oscar host, as well I LOVED when Ellen Degeneres hosted. When she vacuumed the front row and lamented that if she'd know THAT was part of the gig...I swear I nearly fell off the couch laughing. </p>

<p>Adored NPH hosting the Tony Awards...not sure if he'd be right for the Oscars.</p>

<p>NRE, I love Miracle Max and agree with you - but there's a certain fabulousness in watching Billy Crystal grow old along with the rest of us, nu? Life imitating art....</p>

I loved Billy Crystal as Oscar host, as well I LOVED when Ellen Degeneres hosted.


<p>I had forgotten about Ellen. Yes, she was fabulous. Her delivery is always perfect; somewhat self deprecating, gentle, and never mean spirited.</p>