Binghamton Class of 2025 Discussion

Does anybody know when EA decisions for Bing start coming out?

Two years ago, the first wave came out on Nov. 19th releasing out of state acceptances.

Did anyone here from Binghamton EA yet I know last year people heard before thanksgiving?

Not yet :grimacing:

Went to check status of Binghamton application and it says

“Systems intermittently unavailable
Binghamton is currently experiencing intermittent system outages, which means you may be unable to set up your account at this time.”

Maybe decisions soon?

it always sys that.

They usually release at 7pm and I don’t see anything so I guess nothing today. Hopefully tomorrow.


Has anyone heard when they might be releasing decisions or gotten a decision? I’m an in state student and haven’t gotten anything yet… hoping for a decision December 11th.

Why Dec. 11?? I don’t believe anyone has heard yet, in state or OOS.

It’s the last Friday before the 15th, so I had some hope it would be released by then.

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Can anyone give me insight to decker nursing?
Hi I was wondering if anyone could give me insight as to whether they thing I would be accepted or not!
SAT: 1340
WGPA: 90.74
40+ Extracurriculars
I work up to 30 hours a week, and I hold a leadership position in every extra-curricular. Thank you so much for your time!

what is your gpa unweighted? I know people who are usually accepted have an unweighted between a 92-96 so that is a little low. Ur sat is pretty good though so this might balance you out. If you wrote killer essays and considering the fact that you work so much, you could possibly get in.

This year I am taking 6 ap, so I will have 11 in total.

Okay there’s not too much of a difference there then. I only asked because some people have like a weighted 94 but uw 87 bc of how their school weights classes. I got in with a 96 uw and 6 aps a couple days ago, but my school only offers 7 so I feel like they can definitely see u challenging urself