Binghamton **Regular Decision** for Fall 2022 Admission

Discuss Binghamton Regular Decision Class of 2026 here.

Does anyone know when admissions decision start coming out?

RD decisions probably won’t be released until Feb I think. You can check last year’s RD thread. Scroll down on the Bing subforum page.

My son applied 6th November which was past the EA deadline. He got admitted to SOM yesterday. Based on this my guess would be that it might be rolling decisions and you might hear earlier …

Has anyone gotten a decision?

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Nope, no decision after my son was deferred. I’m really surprised how quiet the Binghamton threads have been.



Same! Its so odd.

Yes same here so frustrating… My son also deferred to regular decision l

Someone I know who was deferred from early action received an acceptance letter to engineering yesterday, 3/7/22. In-state student, top 10% of HS class.

No email notification yet, but once he got the letter, the portal had been updated.

Wow no email? Just old school letter?

My daughter was admitted to Harper last night after being deferred. Very excited!!




I was deferred as well. I am still waiting on a decision! Hopefully later decisions are not all rejections