Binghamton University EA

When does Binghamton start sending notification for EA applicants? My daughter applied last week of September. GPA 95 UW, SAT 1440 - applied to Watson School of Engineering for Computer Science.

There is a link you can use on their site to check the status of your application.

Her application is complete. We are just waiting anxiously.

I believe the first wave will be Thanksgiving week, but usually this is for those who are high achieving. I remember in APES last year a bunch of kids went crazy because they saw an email from Bing, only for it to just say Happy Thanksgiving. However, my friend (who got waitlisted at Cornell) was accepted the day before while many had to wait. If you are high achieving/an Honors candidate, you are likely to hear back very quickly. If not Thanksgiving week, then likely Early/Mid December.

In state, Applied to School of Management, Superscore 1330 SAT-Should we go test optional?

Anybody heard anything yet??

What is the Method of Communication for acceptance?

Not 100% sure but I’m thinking email to check portal or just on the portal?

Has anyone heard anything yet?

Decisions are out. D21 accepted nursing.