Bio/IST(or CS)double major vs. Bio major + CS minor (&possible masters)???

So even since the start of my college life, I was going for the health professions but it didn’t work out as I got very lazy as time goes and my gpa got low and absolutely lost any interest in going for that career.
I was taking a gap year to prepare for DAT then decided to go back to school to get a IST major(since I don’t have to take calc II compared to CS).

I still need finish my first major–Bio(will be able to get the major by next semester spring 2021)

So the point is, this is my 6th year of undergraduate, and need 4 more semesters to complete the major requirements. (expect to graduate FALL 2022)
The reason why I went for getting an IST major is because I heard most tech jobs look for cs related major and you would get eliminated through AI even before actual people get to see your resume. And also thought having a major would be better in the long run. and being in a school, I would have more resource to get a decent job… (career fair, more time for internships, etc.)

But lately I was wondering if it would be doable with CS minor to be competitive enough for the job market. I do want to get a programming/information science related/cyber security/data science related job… I would consider getting a Masters degree while I work if this works out.

Is it better to have a stronger foundation(major) at the start of my career? or have minor and be less competitive at the start but end up having one year(1 1/2 year if i could get a job right after I graduate) job experience.?
Should i just continue for MAJOR(Fall 2022) or stop with minor(Spring 2021)?

I really need advices from people who really know what’s going on in reality in job market because there is no one in this field around me :’(

Thank you for your time for reading this long thread!