Biology major dance minor?

<p>Recently got accepted as a Bio major. Extremely happy with this choice and I love Biology as a career path. However I don’t want to stop dancing. I don’t really want to join their Pom line because in my opinion it’s more cheerleading than dancing and I’m just not into that. I like ballet or modern and jazz and all that. That’s why I thought of being a dance minor because I don’t know any other way to incorporate it into my schedule? I haven’t made my schedule or discussed it with anyone btw. I’m confused if I need to audition to be a dance minor or if it’s even a thing to be a bio major with a minor in dance. Is it taking on too many credits? Is there another way to take classes without dedicating it to an entire minor. I’ve taken AP courses my whole high school career so I know what a workload is but I’m worries with all the pre med it might be too much or…
Anyways thanks for reading and please help :slight_smile: </p>

<p>A UofA rep visited our school recently; I am also going the MED route and what I gather from his presentation is that:
-it does not matter what you major in when you apply to med school, however taking bio classes do help out later on.
-Make sure that you want Bio as there are not many jobs in the field if something were to happen where you didn’t get accepted into med school.
-also just know it is fairly easy to switch majors within the first 2 years, just in case you change your mind.<br>
Hope this helps and if anything call a rep with questions (my info is probably not 100% accurate); anyways good luck!</p>