Blair vs Hill Help!!!!

So as many are aware, M10 is fast approaching and decisions are due. I didnt get into my top school(which Im now realising was a blessing and that I wouldn’t have done well there), yet I really love the two schools that I am now considering, Blair and Hill, and am really confused on which one to pick. Blair was for a little bit my top school. At my first visit I really loved it, and felt like it was the place for me. Hill wasnt such a front runner during the admissions process( i didnt think that i was getting in lol), and I had a pretty bad tourguide, which I feel like really hindered my view of the school. I revisited both. My parent and I were so shocked by how impressed we were by Hill. I loved the warmth of the school, the theatre, the dance, the classes, and most importantly, the people( I really want a community, I feel like things like academics, and other categories are a wash). At Blair, I didnt like the girl I shadowed, and I feel like that makes a difference. I liked the classes quite a bit, and i like that it isnt as sporty as Hill is. In addition, we have only heard good things about that school from students. Blair has saturday classes, which my parents like bc it keeps kids on campus(I cant go home super often as my family lives outside US). Any insight would be greatly appreciated as I am really torn and can only attend one school!

also I am more of a ny/ct kid and my parents are worried about PA kids in comparison idk if this is helpful

Personal choice based on fit.

Saturday classes are a significant benefit, in my opinion, for boarding students.

As far as Pennsylvania kids versus NYC/Fairfield County, I am uncertain as to the geographic composition of students at each school.

@Publisher blair has lots of ny/nj kids, hill has lots of pa kids

While not easy to generalize, Pennsylvania kids tend to be more down-to-earth types. I made the mistake of attending an LAC (liberal arts college) filled with Westchester County, Long Island & Fairfield County, Connecticut kids along with a number of New Jersey kids from very wealthy towns. And wealthy kids from Massachusetts. I would have preferred more socio economic & racial diversity. Was well over 95% white & overwhelmingly upper middle class & some upper class economically. Made college very boring.

I am quite familiar with both Hill & Blair, but never saw either as a place that I would have wanted to attend during prep school. (Probably because every time I competed at Hill, Pottstown was overcast & dreary, while Blair seemed a bit too small.)

P.S. What didn’t you like about the girl who you shadowed at Blair ?

Also, it might help to know which other boarding schools you ruled out & why.

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