Boarding School Acceptance Rates 2021

Have learned that Hotchkiss is very overenrolled for the 2nd year in a row, making admissions next year even tougher, as the school wants to decrease the number of students.

Had confirmed by an AO in eastern Canada. Two Quebec prep schools had highest ever foreign application level (and they made to emphasis this excludes US) from Europe and Asia. PLUS, highest ever level of FP applications.

Another prep school in Ontario was overenrolled last year and now is facing a similar issue this year.

Secondly, in Quebec students graduate in Grade 11 and then usually do 2 years public prep program called CEGEP. I was told that kids in high school with 87% plus averages are not getting into their 1st choices. The main reason is kids are staying an extra year to be better prepared to apply to university.

The pandemic has created a whole bottleneck for the “global” education system.

Deerfield Scroll article states 68% yield this year
117 9th
44 10th
17 11th
28 seniors and PG’s

13.8% acceptance

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I hazard to guess the 28 seniors and PG are varsity sports-related.

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I would guess a lot. My DD is one of 17 Juniors accepted and is not a varsity athlete.