Boarding school-what are my chances at Loomis Chaffe and other elite schools

Hello. I am a rising Sophmore interested in applying to schools for the year of 2020-2021. I know that this is rly late in the process, however my family only just considered letting me apply to boarding schools and I had to jump on the opprotunity ASAP. I applied as an incoming 10th grader to Loomis Chaffee. It is my #1 choice for a boarding school. So far these r my stats.

Grades: All honors except for math (did Algebra 2 as a 9th grader) received mostly As, two Bs

H English: A-
H Mandarin: A
H History: A-
H Biology: B
A algebra 2: B
Diversity: A+
Concert band: A-

SSATs: 84% I know that this is extremely low however these r scores from almost three years ago, when I took the ssat out of curiosity and with little preparation-something I have explained to the schools. I would retake it but I can’t due to covid (which I have also explained to the schools).

Extracurriculars: Lacrosse 7+ years. JV team as a freshman

Alto Saxaphone: 6 years, Jazz ensemble as well as concert band

Debate: competed on national and state level- 17th at nationals. I have done debate for 4 years and gone to debate camp/ competed in many tournaments and won awards such as best cross Ex.

Student government: I have done student government for 4 years, serving as a general board member, secretary, advisor, and this past year I was my schools class president.

Mock Trial: On varsity team

Right now I am enrolled in two college courses at Georgetown- which I have As in. I have also organized a letter writing drive over covid and a homeless shelter drive.

So far I have been accepted into the Hill school- but I denied
Waitlisted are Lawrenceville, Peddie, and Middlesex. However lawrenceville and MX both told me that they simply didn’t have any spots open during rolling admission. LV told me to apply next year. I tried Exeter and Andover however they aren’t taking applications for this year anymore. Loomis is my last shot. And I rly rly want to get in. I already had my interview and it went rly well, however idk if I explained my story enough. My grades have suffered due to family problems, but I forgot to talk about that and show how I have overcome those issues. Is it too late to email and explain that stuff? Is there any last minute advice that could help? Thx

Exeter & Andover may be a bit too much for you academically as the two “Bs” raise concerns since Algebra 2 & Biology are core courses.

An 84% is a very respectable SSAT score. Most elites look for 85% or higher, so an 84% is in the range for most schools other than a very few super elites.

You are well rounded with music, athletics, student government (leadership), and community service.

Unfortunately, applying late is a major obstacle.