Boarding schools - A better chance program

I just came across A better chance program. How does that help a candidate? Is it better to go through them if you are just applying to Exeter, Andover and Choate?

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@houstonmama , ABC is really helpful in placement. They might tell you whether the strategy of applying only to those 3 was likely to have a good outcome. The schools, for their part, seem to like the screening ABC does. It’s in everyone’s interest to see the kids thrive, and this helps with fit.

It’s my understanding that ABC gives you a list of schools they will support your application with. You give them your preference but you do not get to dictate which schools you apply to through ABC. I believe you can apply to schools through ABC and then also apply to schools on your own though.

There are a bunch of ABC threads you can search and get a lot of info (unless everything has changed because of covid…)

@houstonmoma Please search for the A Better Chance (ABS) Admissions Summer 2020 Cohort thread and post your questions there. We are various ABC parents who can answer all of your questions.

In short, ABC will advocate for your child, but it is a two year process. If you are looking for 9th grade placement then you would start your application in 7th grade.