Boarding schools list

Hi everyone,

I plan on applying to the following schools as an incoming 10th grader. I was wondering if I should add or cut some schools? Suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

The schools are:
Andover (re-applying, rejected this year)
Exeter (re-applying, WL’d this year)
Loomis Chaffee
(14 in total)

The main things I am looking for are:

  • how inclusive the community is
  • location, nearby towns are prefered
  • whether there is a debate/public speaking/MUN team

Is your application much better this year? If it’s similar, Andover may not be the best school to apply to if you were rejected.

The other schools on the list are great! You have a great list of safeties and reaches!

One more thing, are you sure about Thacher. A school like Thacher will have a totally different vibe than a school like Exeter. There are two very different types of people. Even the campuses are incredibly different.

What a great list! As stated above, Andover may produce the same result unless there is a huge drastic change to your application.

If you are looking for nearby towns, maybe not Hotchkiss. It is in a very rural area. However since you are looking for inclusive community, being secluded in one campus with others means Hotchkiss would have that inclusion. It is something to think about

I’d say it’s better but not drastically. Thanks for the advice! I’ll think about removing Andover

I’m not too sure. Do you have any information on the differences?

Thanks for the advice! I was hesitant about Hotchkiss before, but then I thought about it and came to the same conclusion as you. I’ve also heard that they have a great humanities program, which is a plus for me.

Great! As long as they have programs that will benefit you that school is good for an application. Best of luck!

Thacher has a much more laid back vibe than East Coast schools. East coast schools have a much more academic feel, even though Thacher has academics at the same level as those schools. East coast schools will also be much more preppy than Thacher.

So basically West Coast schools have a more lax feeling?

Pretty much

There is a huuuge difference between east coast and west coast. But Thacher or Exeter, the rigor and boarding school experience will be there, just the communities around the school will be more lax in west coast

Have you considered Groton? They have excellent academics and have a legacy of extremely strong Debate/MUN teams. The community is wonderfully small (if you like that) and welcoming. My favorite of the GLADCHEMMS.

Hm…I’ll take a look at their website! From what you’ve mentioned, I think it’s worth applying to. I think the reason why I cut it out originally was because of its religious affiliation? I’m not sure how I feel about that.