Boarding vs Day

I’m applying to a boarding school as a day student, so I want to know some of the differences between them (besides not getting to sleep at the school). What are the pros and cons? I’ll probably ask this question during my interview too, but it would be cool to know some info beforehand. Btw I’m applying to Lawrenceville so if you’re a student there your reply would be helpful!

One of the pros of being a day student: If there is an activity that you are interested in that is not provided by the school, you can still pursue it.

For example:

  1. You can continue competing in a sport that your school doesn’t have by joining a private club.
  2. You can continue to be active in groups in your community, such as Girl Scouts or Rainbow Girls.
  3. More opportunities for part time jobs during the school year.
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Specifically, would be interested in hearing about how the day students are included at BS (like L’ville), and integrated with boarders. Opportunities for day students to participate in social events, build relationships/mentorships with teachers/classmates and access school opportunities. Any insights would be greatly appreciated:)

At lville, you’ll be assigned to a house. Each one has day student space, so you’ll have a cohort that includes boarders as well as a place to go during the day.

In addition, because L’ville has Saturday classes, you’ll be on campus 6 days a week. It makes it easy to stay Saturday afternoon. While many day student parents grumble about having to arrange transportation 6 days a week, I think that being forced to be on campus on Sat really diminishes the gap between day and boarding students.

A few day students I knew at L’ville also made extensive use of in-person private tutors. I’m not sure what the school 's policy is on this, but it’s certainly easier if you aren’t trying to do it on campus.