Book Scholarship Common at Xavier?

My daughter has applied to 7 schools. She’s heard back from 4 of them, all acceptances with pretty decent merit based scholarships. Even before applying, she had her list narrowed down to 3 schools: Xavier, UC, and Miami. Xavier’s price tag almost kept her from applying but after going to X day and speaking with current students and parents, she applied. She has been accepted with a decent merit scholarship but she also recently received a letter offering her free books for her 4 years at Xavier. This is pretty big for her because she was really stressed about books. While the merit scholarship is decent, it still isn’t enough. She wants to go into social work, so having huge college debt is not an option since she won’t be making very much money in that field.

UC will be MUCH cheaper with no scholarships and MIami is still even cheaper with no scholarships. She loves the city of Cincinnati and I’d like her to chose Xavier because I feel it is safer and a better school than UC, but she has to look at the big picture too…

What is your experience, is this book scholarship a common thing for Xavier?

My son received the book scholarship letter too. I think they are doing that for everyone: I saw a statement on their website a few months ago saying tuition isn’t set yet because they were considering covering books too. So effectively, sounds like we’ll actually be paying for those books. University of Dayton also builds the cost of books into their tuition—they require a campus visit in order to “qualify” though.

Good to know! We did get the email from UD about books if you do the tour. Has your son committed to XU?

Yes—my son has decided to go to Xavier.

D (OOS - CA) got into both Xavier and UC. Good merit at Xavier (yes we got the email regarding free books) and she’ll find out soon if she is in directly for her intended major (Nursing). At UC she is already in directly for Nursing but merit announcements not until Feb I believe. So far Xavier is look cheaper for us. We will visit this spring.

Good to know on the books. We got the email this weekend but the actual letter a couple of weeks ago. We are just waiting on the financial aid packages to come out now. If you ask my daughter now, she says she’s going to Xavier because she’s getting impatient waiting on responses from her other top schools.

@Banker1 has your D made a decision?

@Honorsmom She hasn’t. She is still collecting data such as acceptance decision still to come from her local state school and info from campus visits scheduled for this month. It’s coming down to the wire. Perhaps her selection will come from XU, SDSU, UC, UTK, Portland, Gonzaga or possibly one of her other (too many) choices.