<p>Ok, so I have the list of books for each class this fall, and i know what my classes are and their numbers and sections, BUT, there are some "books" that have "SET" beside them where others have required or recommended. Also, there are some things that have asterisks infront of them, AND there are some that for section, they say STAFF.</p>

<p>Please Help!!! I don't know what I'm doing!</p>

<p>Eschool and sciences are notorious for requiring specific packs from the bookstore. You might want to wait until a prof tells you what you can buy from online and what you need to buy from the bookstore.</p>

<p>Even if they've given the ISBN# ? And you don't need your stuff for the first class????</p>

<p>if it says set/pack/etc then there's something special about it at the bookstore they want you to get is my understanding...</p>