born in philippines live in US

<p>i was born in the philippines but i moved to the US and i'm a citizen because my parents are now citizens. will i still be able to be eligible for applying as an international student to colleges in the US (like take the toefl and stuff)</p>

<p>College applications don’t distinguish between “domestic” and “international” students. It’s much more nuanced than that. For example:</p>

<li>Are you a citizen of the US? If not, will you need a student visa to attend college?</li>
<li>Is English your native language? If not, you are required to submit TOEFL scores. TOEFL waivers may be granted if…</li>
<li>If you did not attend an American high school, please submit the International Supplement to the Secondary School Report. </li>

<p>It doesn’t really matter where you were born. If you are a US citizen and have attended an American style high school and consider English your native language, the college admission process for you is going to be identical to the admission process for a “normal” American student. If some of those criteria don’t apply to you (e.g. English is not your native language), you may need to submit additional documentation (e.g. TOEFL scores).</p>