Boston College Transfer Fall 2021

Hi everyone,

starting thread to discuss applications, questions, decisions, etc.

surprised this thread is dead

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Applying for Junior ECON
Top 45 Liberal Arts College, Prep HS in East Coast
Postgrad plan: Investment Banking
GPA:3.6 Second and Third Semester GPA with 3.9+
SAT Waived
Also applying for:
UVA Econ
Cornell ILR
Notre Dame Econ
Emory Econ

Does anyone know when admission decisions are supposed to be released?

I think it says by May 20 on the website. I sure hope it’s sooner than that but this admissions cycle is so crazy who knows.

Last year they first came out on May 7

did anyone else apply to carroll


how was your SAT waived

since the website says by may 20th decisions will come out do they only go off of first semester and mid term grades


I did transfer stud 2


will they give you admission to another program if you don’t get into the one you applied for

Admission is not given, its earned. I’m literally killing myself so I can get in.

Bruh you killed the vibe of the whole thread


Sophomore transfer to MCAS Econ
College GPA: 4.0
Class Rank: 1
Honors Program
2 Clubs (Chinese & Financial Literacy)
High School GPA: 4.06 (W)
Class rank: around 25th percentile
2 C’s early on but grinded Junior & Senior
ACT: 31
10 AP classes
Tri-sport athlete in high school, part time job for three years, Junior ROTC
(leadership positions in all)

Anyone think I have a shot?


bro, looking at your stats I think it’s pretty obvious you have a decent shot. good luck!


Thanks man that means a lot, I think it’s just the wait that’s getting to my head

same here. I’ve been trying to distract myself, but the opposite has been happening. i can’t focus on projects/finals bc of decisions :confounded:

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do you guys think its gonna come out before may 20th