Boston College Transfer Fall 2021

I’m expecting a decision around May 6th based on the past few years.


Applying as a Junior Transfer to CAS Econ

First year at another private Jesuit Uni, but I’ve been taking virtual classes at my state school because private tuition for zoom is nonsensical. I’m on “leave” from original university.
College GPA: 3.9
Elected Class Senator (Freshman Year)
Two Other Clubs
Rec Letter: Strong (and from a Jesuit)
HS GPA: 3.65 (3.85 last 3 years)
SAT: 1370
Work Experience in Legal and Venture Capital
I was also chosen in a highly competitive pool to be RA for sophomore year, but sadly never returned because of COVID.

I am so in my head about this, I have no idea how hard it will be this year. Ready to be put out of my misery. Good luck to you all.

hi everyone, i requested an early read / leaning on my admission decision and i got a response that all decision will be released tomorrow evening from the AO


Thank you for the information! So if I didn’t interpret this wrong you mean all of our decisions?

in the email the AO said “All decisions will be released tomorrow evening.”
so yes, i think they will all come out… hopefully no rolling bs


ikr every colleges are doing rolling this summer and it’s just such a good thing to hear a definite date from AO

Has anyone logged into the portal and found any changes? Under my FA status theres now a “Submit an Expression of Interest” paragraph (for a WL letter) saying to upload an optional letter if BC is still a top choice but theres no option to in the drop down menu to upload a file like the paragraph states, and also the date to submit it is May 1 which would be the first-year applicant deadline. Not sure if everyone has this or if it indicates I was WL?

I received this as well. I was recently accepted into Columbia, so I have to assume that BC didn’t put me on a waitlist.

I don’t have that as an option

same … unless im looking in the wrong place
ahh idk what to think im really stressed lol

is it just me or did the decision notify date change from 15th to 20th? (or was it always the 20th? im not sure :/)

it was always the 20th

i have this too

what time do decisions usually come out? it sounds like today is the day!

ahh i see… sorry for the confusion!

All decisions for incoming freshman came out at 6 pm est for all rounds of admission

All good!

Omg I’m assuming the time will probably be the same for transfers. But idk decisions times/waves seem pretty random this year so who knows

Did anyone check BC admissions twitter page?
“Fall 2021 Transfer Applicants: We will be releasing admission decisions this evening, no earlier than 6:00pm EDT. Go Eagles!”
This was posted at 9:33 this morning


BRUH I’m nervous now BFBJSKS. I’ll be anxiously waiting lol. So happy they’re releasing all decisions at once rather than doing waves