Boston College Transfer Fall 2021

Totally agree! Waves are terrible for the applicant

Did anyone apply to csom (carroll)?

where do you see this? if u don’t mind explaining

I just checked my portal and it’s completely gone?? Yesterday, it was right under my application checklist. I even emailed my admissions associate about it and she said I could turn one in? That’s so weird. I have no clue why it disappeared. Maybe because decisions are coming out today?

maybe just a glitch…? i’m not sure what it means in all honesty
i checked mine yesterday and this morning and i didn’t have the option so i was just curious

My disappeared today too, Im honestly just expecting a WL then

stay positive my friend! you never know!

Accepted! But I can’t access my financial aid. Is anyone else experiencing this? I’m a bit worried bc I sent in some stuff late.

Rejected, but I got into my number one pick. Best of luck to all of you!

Do you receive email or you just check your portal

just checked my portal. no email

Same, I checked the portal

waitlisted. incoming sophomore at a 4-year public CA university
~41 AP credits, completing 47 credits this year (quarter system)
3.77 GPA
3.9 HS GPA
1320 SAT
Applied Psychology and Human Development major

wl csom

r cson (nursing)

Rejected it’s okay it wasn’t my first choice good luck to the rest of you!

waitlisted for MCAS (applied for neuro)

3.9 college gpa at cc incoming sophomore
4.1 hs gpa
1270 SAT (took once and is from years ago)
Really strong ec’s and hook all with leadership and awards and major-related (really service heavy)
State/national awards in my service
Essay was really strong, really specific to my career path/service and BC’s values - most likely why i got a wl and not rejection

It’s crazy they only accepted 75 ppl

did it say out of how many?

over* 1850