Boston College Waitlist 2026

Boston College Waitlist thread 2026!

nothing yet here

this article sure doesn’t make it sound like there’s even a snowball’s chance of moving off the WL. :frowning: (I get it’s not the most reputable source, but i have heard similar numbers from our college counselor as well as the fact that BC admitted 53% of its incoming class via EDI and EDII.) The Boston College Waitlist to the Class of 2026 | Ivy Coach

really? i thought there was hope…they have not said a word

I emailed the admissions officer and they said they are pretty solid with the class number.

why don’t they announce these things… so they are no longer accepting people off the waitlist?

He said it was unlikely.

wow really, do you know if they will send out decisions to say whether you were admitted or not or at least to say there is no more space.

They said that they would closely monitor enrollment through the spring and would be in contact if an opportunity arose.

oh so they are not accepting for fall?

They said it was unlikely.

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Has anyone been removed from the BC waitlist?

any word about waitlist

We received an email today saying they are still looking for space for my D, that they are sorry it’s going to take longer, and that if you wish to be removed from consideration to complete a form (accessible from a link provided)

In short, it looks like they are filled up but they did not shut the door completely - not sure what to make of it. U of Richmond was very clear about saying there would be no coming off the waitlist (no space).

Did everyone get that email or only like shortlisted people?

We got that same email - was wondering same thing - did everyone get it?

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i did too

I have an incoming freshman and today on the BC parent FB page, a parent announced her son got off the waitlist. Housing applications are due today so perhaps there may be sone WL movement.

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Congrats on your incoming BC freshman. What is the FB page that you saw someone got off the waitlist?
Thank you.