Boston University Fall 2021 Transfer


My bet is on the 15th tbh although I’m hoping for earlier. I know the schools I’m waiting on aren’t releasing decisions until the second week of April so it looks like that’s a pretty typical time for transfer decisions.


Any changes today? Do u guys know abt 2/3 paragraph thingy

update for anyone that followed along w my college transcript issues yesterday, I haven’t gotten an email from them like they said but just checked and now it’s removed from my checklist lol

what 2/3 paragraph thing

In like 2019 and prior people would have their checklist switched over to a set of 2-3 paragraphs (3 meaning their materials have been received for review and 2 meaning they had a decision or were under review / you’d be hearing back very soon). I’m pretty sure last year they got rid of the paragraph system though but I’m not 100% sure

Oh they got rid of it? Did not know that

Like I said I’m not 100% sure but paragraphs were hardly mentioned last year if not at all

My son received TO last year for BU. When I called BU they said there is no priority given to TO applications. If that is the case, I wonder why they bother to say my son “can spend 1 year at another 4 year accredited institution and transfer to BU.” Does anyone know anything about BU TO? I thought BU TO was similar to Cornell TO.

What would you do if you got in BU but the price tag is very expensive? Just curious

I didn’t even apply for financial aid since I know I won’t qualify for any, I’d happily go if I got in!


I would say BU is worth a reasonable loan if you really want

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Does anyone else have a received document labeled “audition”? I’m not sure if this would represent my interview or something else. If it actually does represent my interview why not label it as that lol

Which school did u apply to?

CFA, admission is based on talent as well as grades so people have to interview sometimes. I guess it would make sense for people in acting/music majors since they have to preform for the admissions panel

Oh nice. Good luck

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cry. and i know i wont get any fin aid so ill be crying wether i get in or get rejected


guess we will be crying together then :upside_down_face:


You too!

Why do u think u wont get any? I heard BU is generous with aid