Boston University Fall 2021 Transfer

I dont qualify bc im upper middle class but my parents are only giving me x amount per year and wont let me go into debt for college( which I agree with bc i think going debt free is the best option) but basically my EFC if about 6 times what Im actually getting

Financial aid is honestly what I’m most worried about bc I know I won’t be able to go if I don’t get any. I know you can appeal but I don’t know if that would work out.

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honestly same, I’m very low-income and I would be so crushed if the financial aid turns out to be low


I agree when it comes to the importance of financial aid. My father and I agreed that I cannot attend BU (or any other university/college for that matter) if it costs over 30k per year (since that’s around what I pay now). Hopefully I get good aid since my parents are both in the working middle class and I don’t live on campus

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BU doesnt respond to my emails. On call i stay on hold for 20-30 mins i am so miserable

i was just asking a question on the phone with admissions and they told me admissions start rolling next week!


How do we submit a midterm report?

Any news today?

are mid term reports required?

No. Only upload it if they request it i guess

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Where do we upload it?

Just to the portal?

Yes. Did u get a request?

Thank you! and no I havent

I just submitted mine Monday and I emailed it to BU directly (through the schforms address) and they processed it either late yesterday or this morning so I’d submit it there too for a quick turnaround!

Awesome thanks so much

BU will be generous if you are pell grant eligible

You don’t need to

Yea from Thursday

Next thursday u mean or this thursday?