Boston University Fall 2021 Transfer


When I went through last year’s group a lot of them had issues paying even if they had the pell grant, so I’m nervous

Did people receive the midterm report request?

no, should we have?

I didn’t

Is it the Transfer College Report? Because I see that in my portal how about you guys?

no that’s not the same as the midterm report. The transfer college report is supposed to be filled out by a college official just confirming your GPA and that you haven’t gotten into any trouble at your current school. I would have your college fill that out ASAP.


Nope. It’s not required

no, I just saw someone else mention it so that’s why I asked.

what day are we thinking this week?

Most likely Thursday, the 15th

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I did. For major I chose advertising but I’m really not decided yet

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Will that be like the start of rolling or will everyones come out on the 15th?

the start of rolling I think

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i did

Does anyone think we might get decisions next monday?

Yes i think it is going to be Monday

I uploaded my mid report but it isnt showing up should i email it to schforms@bu as well or wait?

How long ago did you submit it? I heard it can take a few days to show up. If after a few days it hasn’t I would email BU or if its urgent, I would call admissions because sometimes they take a little while to respond through email.

I uploaded it on the 7th of this month