Boston University Fall 2021 Transfer

They still havent processed my college report, is there still any chance I’ll get a decision next week?

Nope. It’s clearly mentioned in BU website that decision will start rolling from mid April to mid May

It won’t show because it’s not required or not even optional . Just send it to or call them.

Call them. They didn’t process my College transcript for 35 days. As soon as i called them, they processed that immediately

same except like 60 days lmao :sob:

i’ve submitted my full application a month before the deadline, I hope Im in the first round of folks who find out on Thursday, April 15th or I’ll be annoyed :upside_down_face:

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60 days! :fearful: Why didn’t u call them?

I submitted literally everything on January 15th. If i won’t get my decision on 15th, i don’t know what to say :sleepy:

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I did call them but probably not as soon as I should’ve lol. I was seeing on this forum that it was taking them a while to process everyone’s materials so I kinda gave them the benefit of the doubt… but yes calling them was definitely the best thing to do

Submitting application early doesnt help. They dont review it until the deadline has passed

BU has recieved 24% more application than last year. Wow!!! :cold_face:
Good luck everyone

Transfers? How do yk

If youre talking abt freshmen. Those are irrelevant numbers for us

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Total application. If i were a freshman, i wouldn’t comment here…Lol

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There was a 24% increase in the number of applications for freshman admission for the class of 2025 from the number of applications for freshman admission for the class of 2024. As for info on transfer applications, all we know is that the deadline was extended, which could indicate fewer transfer applications.

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Exactly what i wanted to say. Those numbers are for freshman they arent “total” applications

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even if that was true, if you submitted early there’s a better chance of your application undergoing review early once they start

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That’s a relief then

so decisions tmr or on thursday?

probably thursday, since that’s the date on the css profile. but fingers crossed for an earlier release date!

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