Boston University Freshman Transfer

I am wondering if it is possible for me to get into BU, Fordham, or Bentley as a freshman spring transfer student (all these schools accept mid-year transfers). These are my stats:

HS GPA: 3.3
College GPA: 3.93
Lots of volunteer hours throughout high school and clubs. Newly joined clubs in college too.

Also, I have a Jesuit priest professor that will write me a letter of recommendation that went to Fordham too. I also have an aunt that went to BU and a sister that currently attends Fordham. I want to transfer so badly because I do not like my current situation. Should I transfer for the spring and apply now or should I just tough it out for the rest of the year?

What is your current status? Are you a freshman somewhere?

How many college or university courses have you taken?

Do you know what your budget is?

Yes, I am currently a freshman at the University of Scranton. I will have 15 credits at the end of the semester. Also, no budget.

“I am currently a freshman at the University of Scranton”

Didn’t classes just start about a month ago? How do you have a college GPA already?

“no budget”

?? Does this mean that you do not know what your budget is? Does this mean that you have no restrictions and a cost of $78,000 per year (with increases due to inflation) is okay?