Boston University Prepares for Possible Delayed Fall Term

The start of the Fall term may need to be delayed until January 2021
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Any college with any sense is planning for this possibility. BU is also planning for a September 2020 opening too.

Not even online as a backup plan? This would be a huge hit for the school!

I hope any college that goes online in the fall is also prepared for a tuition strike if it is not reduced. I am not certain a lot of folks will pay over $26,000 for online classes with no labs, no campus access and so on… They also will lose out on the myriad of student fees colleges add these days such as rec and health center fees.

@JohnGaltIII Good point. Online is certainly a different experience that cannot be free, yet is no where near the same as being on campus.

I wonder what impact a Jan 2021 start for the regular students would have for the 600 CGS students who were supposed to start in January.

If students don’t return to BU in the fall the spring semester will be the start of the year with the posponed fall semester happening in the summer. This is what was posted on the Boston university web site. So that would seem to indicate that the GCS January program would proceed as scheduled if travel to Europe is allowed. Definitely a question for the college of GCS if you have an incoming Freshman.