Boston University Regular Decision 2025: Discussion & Decisions

Did you apply directly to CGS 2025 or CAS but offered CGS?

I apologize if this has already been asked but our D committed to BU last night which we are very excited about and the deposit looked like it went through. But, she never received any sort of confirmation email and the portal doesn’t show any sort of update. Anyone else bump into this? Thanks!

Congratulations! :tada: My S just committed. Haven’t received an email confirmation…just the welcome page after the deposit. The payment is pending on my cc account. :grin:

My S21 committed to BU 10 days back, there was no email from BU either. After a couple of days, he received an email to setup his BU email id and portal, I guess that’s it? For our sake we checked our bank statement and the payment was deducted, so that’s an assurance :smiley: Still, my husband said no acceptance packet from them and no confirmation after depositing is kind of scary :flushed: Hope everything turns out good!

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My son finally finished early college classes and got in to sign up for housing. He found a couple of people he emailed about rooming together… then realized he was only on the first of several screens. Well, there will be lots of students to choose from for a roommate, I guess! He also just asked whether I paid the deposit, but then found some page that confirmed it. I think when he finally comes home in two weeks and can catch up on sleep, he’ll be able to get excited about BU. I’m already excited about visiting friends in Boston when we drop him off, after being stuck at home so long… we’ll all be vaccinated except maybe S23 who is still 15.

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BU is not sending out any physical mail to students this year.

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Congratulations to you and your son well. Great news. Thanks so much for the reply and for putting my daughter at ease! We had the pending on the cc as well but that wasn’t enough for my daughter. Thanks again. Good luck!

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Same here. We agree 100%! Congrats on your son being a Terrier! Thanks so much for the response!

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I’ve noticed overall there’s minimal e-mail and a lot is managed through the portal. My S had commented that they don’t mess around…if you want to a find a webinar, you have to take the initiative! He was able to tour the campus sophomore year, but recently navigated us around on the T as we took another look. Really enjoyed that independence.

I accepted the guaranteed transfer on Thursday yet I got no confirmation email nor did it ask for a deposit. Should I email my AO to check to make sure it went through?

wondering the same… and is there any information on the BU site? like deadlines, etc?

After you log into your portal, click on “next step” and “accept guaranteed transfer”, you should get the message “Our records indicate that we have already received your response for the Guaranteed Transfer Admisssion Program. Please contact us at the number below if you have any questions.” Which confirms your acceptance of guaranteed transfer. I don’t think you need to pay a deposit for GT.

Accepting the GT option is non binding. You do not have to transfer to BU if you are happy at your freshman year college. There is no deposit.

Ik, didn’t think there was a deposit but just making sure. Idk if I will transfer since I look forward to attending Syracuse, but the Guaranteed Transfer was definitely at least something that should be considered.