Bowdoin, Colgate, Colby, Bucknell

<p>What are my chances at Bowdoin ED? At the others regular?</p>

<p>3.42 UW GPA at a very competitive NY high school
SAT I's: 750 Verbal, 690 Math
SAT II's: 7200 Writing, 700 Math IC, 640 Physics
APs: English Composition 5, Physics 4, Biology 5, Chemistry 4, English Literature 5
ECs: Preparatory Program at a NY music school on weekends 8-12 grade, 3 years varsity Lacrosse, 2 years varsity ski team, National Merit Scholar Honorable Mention for PSAT, Area- All State on my instrument from 10-12 grade, 4 years of Band.
Good Essay and Solid Recommendations (I assume).
However, I finished on a slightly downward trend and junior year was all Bs to B+s.
Thanks for your help.</p>

<p>Come on. Somebody help me out here.</p>

<p>Don't know about chances at Bowdoin since they don't figure in your SAT scores and rely on GPA & curriculum -- As for Colgate & Bucknell, they both have EDII situations which you can consider once you hear from Bowdoin. Would say your chances at Bucknell & Colby regular decision are rather good. Colgate and Bowdoin will be tougher.</p>

<p>Bowdoin is a biiiiig reach. Colby and Bucknell would be more receptive.</p>

<p><em>if</em> you send your SAT scores, they'll certainly "figure them in." and your scores aren't bad at all, so definitely send them.</p>

<p>Great choices! Colby and Bucknell should be matches, Colgate can be trickier, and Bowdoin would be a reach. Do ED if that's where you want to go but in the case of deferral, you can look into ED II elsewhere. Just make sure to work hard senior year and do your best on those applications.</p>

<p>Bowdoin has the best academic reputation but like the other 3 schools is in a rural location. Might want to look at Holy Cross a fellow Patriot League School (Bucknell and Colgate are PL) which has a new lacrosse coach and a nice facility. HC has a better location-only 1 hour from Boston.</p>