Bowling green state university....

<p>How would you rate bowling green state university</p>

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<p>Just wandering, and found your old question. If you are still monitoring BGSU, or any sophomores or juniors are currently checking, I'll respond as I know a lot about the university. The top programs rate quite highly - I am thinking of business, areas of psychology (esp. industrial-organizational psych), education, biology and chemistry, communications, fine arts and music. BGSU's College of Musical Arts, in particular, has some 'name' alums. Campus has a traditional (tho not New England) vibe with top sports teams being hockey and women's basketball (made it to Sweet 16 within the last 5 years); healthy but not overwhelming Greek presence; a couple brand-new dorms and a fairly vibrant downtown/arts scene in the city of Bowling Green.</p>

<p>orange2blue...thanks for your comments. We are looking at Bowling Green and I checked in here to see what kinds of discussions there were.</p>

<p>My S is a senior at BG. Has truly enjoyed his four years. He’s a big hockey fan. And I know they get good attendance at hockey games, and they have a great student section.</p>