Brain Fart Moment--Calculating How the Final will Affect the Final Grade

<p>So, I feel retarded, but I can't remember how to set it up to see what I need to get on the final (that's worth 10% of my grade) to keep my grade in a class at an A. Anyone mind explaining? Thank goodness it's almost summer.</p>

<p>I'm going to assume that you had a midterm worth 10% and also have 4 quarters that are each worth 20%</p>

<p>Anyways, with random numbers (92 each marking period and 90 on midterm/final), here's what you do

<p>I believe that's it</p>

<p>.90 - ((Percent you have in class) * (1 - final percentage))
All of this divided by the percent the final is worth.</p>

<p>So say I have a 92 percent, and the final is worth 10%, or .1</p>

<p>(.90 - (.92 * .9))/.1 = .72, or 72%</p>

<p>Oh, crap. Forgot to explain.</p>

<p>We have one semester that isn't broken down. So, in other words, say I currently have the grade of 92% before my 10% final. 92% flat out. No extra grading terms. I'm pretty sure it's a basic ratio, but I can't remember.</p>

<p>Then it's just (Your current average)<em>(.90) + x</em>(.10) = minimum for an A, where x is the minimum numerical grade you need to achieve the minimum grade for an A. Solve for x.</p>