Just a place where Brandeis regular decision applicants can discuss the admissions process and chance each other. Good luck to everyone who applied!!!

My daughter has applied for regular decision and I want to get more information about the pre-med track?

I applied RD too!

hi! i hope more people comment so we can get to know each other!

Hi everyone! I applied to Brandeis RD.

I applied RD too :slight_smile:

My D applied RD but a real long shot

I’m a RD Applicant. Just received an email with the header, “Brandeisians making a difference” which included a bunch of information about their new president. Did anyone else get this?

I know next to nothing about this university, @avatarneil. I will posit, however, that anything you got in your email is not individualized and has been spammed out to everyone and their mother. Any official email will be just that: official.

@avatarneil I also applied RD and got it. I assume everyone got it as well.

Hi, I’m a mom of another RD applicant. I didn’t get the email you two got, from Brandeis, but I’ll ask my son (the applicant) if he received it. The univ. has my email address too, though, so it appears to me that they sent that email to student/applicants but not to their parent(s).

For @prsts05 : My S is also pre-med. I think they do a really nice job at this univ. with their pre-med advising (a detail we like …) and also, its nice to see that NOT all of their pre-med students end up needing a gap year between college and med. school (though many still have a gap year; I think the figure was that about 1/3rd apply early enough and so don’t take the gap year). - Such is almost unheard of with our state’s public colleges/univ.s, where they all take a gap year.

@cloudysmom : You mentioned you thought its a long shot (for your D); something to consider that could affect this (I think) is whether or not you/your D would be full-pay or not (as, from what I’ve read, Brand. Univ. is NOT a need-blind college); so full-pay applicant may have better odds of admission (but I’m kind of new to this; my S applicant is my eldest, after all.)

Yes I agree, we need a lot of aid so makes it an even longer shot.

Well, I wish you the best of luck, cloudysmom.

And, just so that I don’t risk misleading/discouraging people, I HAVE heard that this university does give a LOT of need-based aid, its just with the merit-based aid there are limits to what is affordable for the university; we were told that merit-based aid caps out at 20K per year, and that need-based aid is the more common of the two here (but again, I’m not an insider … I just have spoken with some people there.)

I doubt my D qualifies for any merit aid there, she sort of applied for the heck of it, but thank you!

I applied RD :slight_smile: Good luck everyone!

to my knowledge, Brandeis is need-blind for domestic and transfer students and need-sensitive for international students

Does any one else think decisions will come out a little earlier than the stated April 1st on the website? Because EDIIs received theirs a few days before their official notification date

@momsofsenior2017: Thank you very much for your info.