My son applied RD and received an email today inviting him to apply to the Quantitative Biology Research Community (QBReC) program. We’re wondering if that is a common occurrence, or an encouraging sign… Any insight appreciated!

@silver67, I received the same email. It’s surely a good sign, as they are considering us for the program, but I cannot find much about it as it is new.

Found a thread from last year about invitations to apply to leader-scholar communities at Brandeis. Applicants that were invited all did seem to get in… I think QBReC falls in the same category, so yes, a good sign. Good luck @Ceciliaagnes !


Thanks for sharing. Something similar happened on the Chapel Hill EA thread, and all of us who were given a survey about ExcelCarolina were admitted. I am guessing they wouldn’t be considering you for a selective program if they weren’t going to admit you. Does anybody know when decision day is?

Last year decisions were released online on March 17, so it is very possible that decisions will be sometime before April 1.

Did a bunch of people receive this invitation? My D didn’t get one–it makes me worried. Econ/4.4/32. I would take it as an encouraging sign!

@redpoodles this invitation to apply is only for science majors, since the program is focused on interdisciplinary (biology, physics, chemistry) science research. I would not worry about your DD, since she is an econ major and has high stats. I would not worry even if your DD is a science major… this seems to be more of a positive sign for a few as opposed as a negative sign for many.

Thanks for that info! In the other thread from last year some media majors had received an invitation to something as well so it sounds like they might be going out across different departments. We’ll just have to wait and see!

I requested an alumni interview on January 11 and still haven’t been contacted. What should I do?

@greenteen17 Wait a bit

@munit123 They said in the confirmation email after I requested an interview that I should be contacted within three weeks.

Maybe there was a delay. Like your scheduled interviewer had something come up.

In the past years decision day has fallen on the third thursday of march, so hopefully this year’s decisions will come out march 16th

Just curious: did anyone else here have an ECR? (ECR can be suggested by athletic coach, but the result doesn’t give out any financial aid info.) And there might be other people at the Univ. that can also request ECRs (I don’t know who else though.)

Did anyone get invited to a leader scholar community? Do you know what it means and if it means you’ll probably be accepted?

"During the application review process, Admissions representatives will nominate outstanding students to apply for the LSC program. Selection is based on a candidate’s academic record, fit for the program, and area of academic interest. Nominated students should receive their invitation to apply by Mid-February. All applications must be received by the March 6 deadline. "

This is really good news for you man!

@greenteen17 I also received an invite to a leader scholar community. I’m very confused on what it means. Does anyone know anything about the program? I’m also confused on the two tracks that are offered: “media and politics” and “sustainability” ?

DS received letter inviting app. to a LSC, but the Biology-related one (which had been the QBReC) is not listed (or, no longer listed) as one of the choices; rather, its only the sustainability one, vs. Media and Politics. Do some/any of you know if the QBReC one filled up by now, vs, whether the plans for that specific new LSC were cancelled? That would be the one my DS would likely have an interest for. It was @silver67 I think who mentioned that biology-related one (a page ago). Thanks all (!) for any replies. Though I can also email s.one at Brandeis.

@Momofsenior2017 The QBReC is a separate program with selected students being invited to apply about a month ago.

Hey guys, I was just wondering if getting an email about an LSC nomination means you were basically accepted?