Brandeis ED II

Hey I realized there isn’t an ED II thread. So yeah who else is applying ED II?

I am!


I am, and im lowkey nervous. The fact that I did ED makes it pretty clear that this is my dream school.

Me too. TBH because of outside of school issues my grades aren’t stellar so it’s a bit of a long-shot for me. but my college counselor has talked about me to the school. I have wanted to go to Brandeis since ninth grade so yeah god willing but I know I prob won’t get in.

anyway what major are you guys applying for?

Same my grades have dropped a bit due to a lot of outside issues, but im still in the running at least I hope I am. I know my SAT scores could be better but now there is nothing i could do, and I submitted a graded analytical paper instead. I applied to the 5 year BA/MA in political economy. I know its a bit of a long shot but I want to get in so badly, I am so whipped for Brandeis that I would even love being admitted into the mid-year track. i just want to be able to vibe out in boston inside the bloomberg lab.

When do yall think decisions will come out? Last year EDII came out on the 25th, and on a tour recently they said late January. The 25th last year was a Friday, but I don’t know when they were supposed to come out. I know I’m probably overthinking this, but I’m just nervous.


last year they came out on thursday the 24th not the 25th.

I realize that now, but either way, when do you think they’ll come out?

i think tonight!

we should create a groupme yall!

if anybody gets their decision please let us know! and i wish u all the best!

so my mom has been completely pressuring me as she LOVES Muhlenberg and hasn’t shut up about it. She pressured me into withdrawing from Brandeis. I really regret my decision but yeah.

it should be tonight right? because it has been on the thursday the week before the 1st for the past couple of years.

do you know what time it has come out in the past?

7-9pm EST according to older posts

Hi everyone! I’m late to this thread but I also applied ED2 to brandeis. It is my dream school so I really really hope to get in for the fall!! If it is not out by now, do we think tomorrow or Saturday? We should have probably gotten an email right

Update its reinstated sorry ik this was stupid