Brazilian International Student needing some help

<p>Hey everyone, I currently live in brazil, yet lived in the US for 15 years. I'm an international student and will be going to SLippery Rock Univeristy starting in August this year. </p>

<p>My grades and SAT's aren't excellent, i'd say they are just average, but better than SRU grades (meaning i think i could've gotten into a better school) however the school is so cheap and my family and i are in such a bad place with money so I was planning on going there for a year or two then transfer.</p>

<p>I was wondering though, If i wanted to transfer from SRU, yet got bascially straight A's as opposed to my normal B+ grades, would i be able to get into a school like NYU? lets say i get my required credits and had really nice grades. is that just good enough? Also is there any form of scholarship i could get since my grades would be so nice in college? because NYU is an amazing school i think, yet amazingly expensive too...</p>

<p>In general there is little or no financial aid for international transfer students.</p>

<p>NYU is known in particular for being very bad in giving financial aid. </p>

<p>As to whether you can get in as a transfer student - that’s a question you can pose to NYU’s admissions office if you can’t find the answer on their website.</p>

<p>Why not trying NYU AD ?? They have a need-Blind admissions and they Meet full financial need.</p>

<p>Edit : Sorry i’ve just remembered NYUAD currently doesn’t accept transfer students.</p>

<p>Could you explain to me what NYU AD is? never heard of it. And it wouldn’t be a transfer till fall of 2013 or 2014 too</p>

<p>It is NYU’s branch campus in Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates).</p>

<p>Dude, if a school specifically states on their website that they don’t like giving aid to internationals, just walk away. It’s like a girl who doesn’t laugh at your jokes. You just know that fetch isn’t gonna happen.</p>

<p>As b@r!um said, it is the NYU branch campus in AbuDhabi. Currently they don’t don’t accept transfer students but they MAY start accepting them when they move to their new campus ((Also in AD)). They meet 100% demonstrated financial need, I dunno much about their average SAT’s though, check on their website.</p>