Brevard Summer College Institute?

Hi everyone!

I was accepted into the Brevard College program as a flutist a couple days ago, and I’d love to hear any pleasant or negative experiences associated with the festival.

Some info on me: I’m a college senior who applied to a couple festivals and have only heard from two so far (Brevard: Acceptance, Aspen: Waitlist), and I’m very interested in spending this summer at a place where I will make great connections and have formative musical experiences before starting a Masters in Music program in the fall.

From reading a bunch of other threads on here, there is a vast amount of info on high school experiences at Brevard which are very helpful, but I’d absolutely love to hear any personal experiences about Brevard from college students.

I received over half of my total cost in scholarship/merit/Black and Latinx scholarship, and I’m also being considered for an RA position (I had what I thought was a positive interview experience this morning) so the festival will likely not be too much of a burden financially. That is probably the biggest reason that I’m seriously considering Brevard, because I’d prefer to save as much money as possible for my first year of grad school. The flute faculty and orchestral repertoire at Brevard this summer are also quite enticing.

I only have until 3/2 to decline or accept the offer with an $800 security deposit, so I’d really appreciate any reasons I should or shouldn’t go to Brevard this summer! Even better if the advice comes from other wind players, but any advice is greatly appreciated!


Congrats, @flutenerd! That’s fantastic. We’ve only done BMC high school and it sounds like you’ve done your research on that from prior threads. Let me know if we can help with any unanswered questions from our high school-level perspective.

Son (cello) did Aspen last year and is returning this year so we can weigh in on that if it’s useful, too.

Loved both experiences and recommend without hesitation!

Hi @tableforsix! Thanks for all of your dedication to the Music Major section! And congrats on your son returning to Aspen this year!

I think the most helpful thing to hear from you would be what you felt was negative about the two festivals. I’ve scoured the websites of Brevard and Aspen, and they both look like they would be a lot of fun. I’m wondering if there’s anything left to be desired from your perspective about either festival.