Brown Admissions Regular Decision Fall 2022

Applying regular decision to Brown in 2022? This is the spot for the future class of 2026 to connect with other Brown applicants and share stats, news or admissions updates.

How does your application compare to the students accepted last year? Take a look at the info below and then share your stats, activities and more.

Brown 2021 Admitted Student Statistics
Admitted Students in Top 10% of Graduating Class 95%
Admissions Test Policy Submitting test scores is optional
Applicants Submitting SATs 70%
Applicants Submitting ACTs 43%
Waitlist Yes

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Does anyone know whether Brown is doing interviews (alumni or otherwise) and how important they are in Brown’s consideration of an applicant?

@uncommonapps do you have any insight you can share on Brown interviews?

Yes, of course. Brown has moved away from alumni interviews and instead is accepting 2-minute videos. They should be casual and unique - no duplication of what’s in the app already.


Thanks much D22 did a very original video and submitted it. Fingers crossed.

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If my video introduction is like 2:01 or 2:02 is that bad?

My daughter was finishing her Brown video last night and had technical difficulties – the whole thing was glitching and wouldn’t export any audio. She finally got it uploaded late, close to 1 a.m. (an hour past the posted deadline).

She did email admissions in a panic at 11:50 p.m. explaining the situation, and then again when she had it uploaded.

It says on her portal that the video was accepted, but do you think Brown will throw it out because it was uploaded an hour past the deadline? She hasn’t received a response to her email. (She didn’t really ask anything – just a “so sorry, tech difficulties, having trouble and trying to make it work, hope you can still use the video” kind of email.)

Another question – she has a pretty strong research paper that she wrote in AP Research, on a topic that was quite advanced for high school, in exactly the field she wants to study. Is it worth uploading the paper or the abstract in the portal where there’s a place for it, or not really because AP Research is just a regular class?

(And is it too late, regardless? Did Brown expect all supplemental materials by the application deadline of January 5?)

Thanks for any insight!

I don’t think they will throw it out. She did herself a favor by sending the note to let them know of her problems. AOs have extended grace to kids with the tech issues the last two years. I have a Class of 2025 Bruno and I feel like the admissions people are understanding. They just don’t seem like jerks in all the engagement us parents have had with them.

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She should call Brown to check/confirm:
I thought I read that they extended the video deadline to 1/13 Thursday.

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Really? Wow, that would be perfect if they did, but I don’t see that anywhere – Jan 10 is still listed on their website and in the portal.

Brown is clear with its instructions on uploading to the portal: Supplementary Materials | Undergraduate Admission | Brown University. It’s hard to believe they’d penalize for a slightly late video, and your daughter has nothing to lose by uploading the AP Research paper. Given the amount of emails and documents they receive, it’s good that they’ll welcome these documents. Whether it will help her candidacy is another matter. (You’ll never know.)

a quick question-my son submitted his sat scores through college board and they aren’t showing in his checklist. If you or your child submitted scores does it show? I am wondering if it doesn’t because it’s optional. Thanks

We submitted ACT. It doesn’t show either.

If you have confirmation from CB (assuming right school code), I’d have your student send a note to admissions to double check.

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Brown also accepts self-reporting scores for application per their FAQ:

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Just checked in commonapp brown pdf. It shows test score.