Brown Early Decision for Fall 2022 Admission

Does anyone know if sibling legacy will boost admissions to Brown? (early decision)

Having a parent who attended Brown comes into play when applicants “are essentially equivalent,” in which case admission officers “will tilt toward the candidate whose parents attended the college,” Miller said. Admission officers give “small” consideration to grandparent legacy status and “almost no” weight to sibling legacy cases, he added.

I don’t know a definitive answer but anecdotally we know two sets of sibling in which an older sibling was matriculated at Brown when a younger sibling applied.

One got in and one unfortunately did not after an ED deferral last year (kid is thoroughly enjoying Northeastern. I am sure it serves as a slight boost at best.

Good luck!!

anyone have any idea/update on ED Decision dates???/


@skieurope probably has the best data for you to reference.

If you want non substantiated data, I know a younger brother who is a first year there and he has two previous brothers who matriculated from Brown.

Just got an email saying decision at portal starting 7:00 pm ET on December 16.


Exciting to finally know when! But still a bit scary


Countdown…Less than 70 hours now… :crossed_fingers:

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insider news: brown admits 17 percent of the applicant pool for the class of 2026. brown received a record number of applications this year again.

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Source please?

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Can you please verify that info, @hellodude291212 ?

does that include sports recruits?

Those numbers have not been validated so I wouldn’t trust them until a source is provided.

Here are last years numbers as a guideline of what you can roughly expect. Any ED acceptance rates you see published typically do include any “hooked” candidate such as athletes so the “unhooked” acceptance rates tend to be significantly lower unfortunately.

Their ED numbers in the past have included sports recruits, Questbridge, etc.

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For the parents and you kids filming yourself when you open up the (hopefully!) acceptance portal message, let’s say with some bad luck…and this point, it’s a lottery because you earned the right to apply ED with the hard work you put in to this point…and you got deferred or rejected. You don’t have to delete the video. Use it to fuel your ambition. It’ll be fun to look at it if you get accepted in the RD. If it’s a rejection, 5 years from now, my hope is that you all look at this sliver in the time continuum and realize you were meant to be where you got in. If you made it this far, you’ll make the most anywhere you attend. Prove that Brown was so wrong in not being able to squeeze an extra seat for you.

It’s tough as a student to wait. I know it. I’ve seen the look in my kid’s eyes. It’s just as tough as an engaged parent to sense your child’s anxiety. It will all be okay. You will thrive where you’re supposed to be. As a public uni kid, I’m proof of that. If you get the golden ticket, celebrate like mad in the privacy of your home. You deserve to celebrate! Just remember outside of the home, there may be friends who are still feeling the anxiety as they await their decision and that could be extended all the way thru the first week of April.


Got in EA to Creative Writing Program! YAY!!!

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Wrong thread…

Did anyone get another idoc request again from the college board today?

They already posted decisions???