Brown vs Cornell- Math & Science

<p>Can Brown compete with Cornell in the math and sciences?</p>

<p>NO NO NO NO. Brown is a great school, however Brown CANNOT compete with Cornell when it comes to in-depth study and research in Math and Science. links may help.</p>

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<p>That's not true at all Jamaica. Non-sense, actually.</p>

<p>I am from LI and from a school that sends 2-3 kids to Cornell each year and rarely gets anyone into Brown. I went to Brown and studied chemistry and would NOT have gone to Cornell for undergraduate science.</p>

<p>There's no question we can compete for undergraduate science with Cornell and may even be quite a bit better for specific people for undergraduate science.</p>

<p>@modestmelody: Not to hijack the thread, but can you say anything about the two schools from the perspective of chemical engineering?</p>

<p>Nope, not really. Not a big fan of Chem-E, just doesn't interest me at all. What I can tell you is that we have had many threads that I've talked about engineering in the past that are worth searching for general engineering info.</p>

<p>Another Link.</p>

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<p>For Engineering.</p>

<p>@Modestmelody, I dont speak with emotions and say what makes me feel better. I SHOW the facts. No one would question that Brown is not a great school. The fact is when it comes to Engineering, Sciences, and Math Cornell is superior, that's just the facts. I am sure Brown may be rank better in certain other categories, but definately not these when compared to Cornell. Also, about the fact that your school sends 2-3 at Cornell and hardly any to Brown, well Cornell have about 3500 in a freshman class and Brown about 1,500, so it would be more likely that more people from your school ended up at Cornell, these schools often share many of the same applicants. Anything else?</p>

<p>When it comes to your ranking, you've listed all information that either reflects graduate school information or has no actual methodology produced (Gourmans). I never said Brown was best across the board for engineering and if you read my posts about engineering on here you'll see me consistently say that Brown engineering is strong, respected, and will result in a job or graduate school if that is what you want. Beyond that, there are specific strengths to being in a smaller department that espouses Brown's philosophy of engineering learning that may make Brown a better place for engineering for SOME students.</p>

<p>In the sciences, first off, Brown's applied math department and computer science easily compete with Cornell. Secondly, while Brown's chemistry department is nothing like Cornell's for graduate students, Brown's chemistry department was able to provide a head-and-shoulders better experience than what is the norm at Cornell. I say that having LIVED it.</p>

<p>The question was can Brown compete? There's not a FOOL out there who is in these fields that would say that Brown is not even on the map when it comes to undergraduate preparation in the sciences-- we are, we do compete. Whether or not either of these schools is a better place to be largely depends on what a student is looking for.</p>

<p>I speak from experience, not emotion. I also know more facts about science amongst these schools than you have forgotten, having spent time on curricular panels here at Brown and co-editing portions of the science tour here as well. I have seen exit data not released to the public, etc etc. And most importantly, I've actually been an active member of a scientific community.</p>

<p>In about 14 years I'm the only person from my school to get into Brown-- not saying that's impressive for me or bad for Cornell, what I'm really trying to say is I got plenty of reporting back from science students at Cornell.</p>

<p>As someone who now studies program evaluation pretty heavily, don't make the mistakes of using bad "statistics" to draw conclusions. These methods are only as good as their data and assumptions, and most of them fail on one, if not both of those points. In some cases, the reports are not only outdated, but have never published any methodology, yet you accuse me of "emotion" over "fact".</p>

<p>Learn to read your sources.</p>

<p>@jamaica, you only showed rankings for biology. the OP is going to need to elaborate a little more on what type of "sciences" he/she means.
And as for the math rankings, there's a difference of one place. Splitting hairs much? Saying that Brown CANNOT compete with Cornell on math based on your rankings would be like saying that Princeton CANNOT compete with Harvard based on their rankings difference of one place.</p>

<p>@Lampras, Maybe using the term "cannot compete" was not the correct terminology. Brown can definately compete, Cornell is just better.</p>

<p>doesn't it matter what science? I know Brown is one of the leading institutions in Computer Science, Geological Science, and Applied Math...</p>

<p>Also isn't Brown's neuroscience program one of the best (possibly the best?) in the nation? I heard that the textbook most of the other colleges use was authored by neuro professors at Brown.</p>

<p>@Modestmelody, if you have any better data I would love to see it. If you have no data to add, then I would say that my data is fact. I have data to back my argument, while you presented your opinion. </p>


<p>It is worth mentioning that Brown Math, with the exception of a professor or two, is fairly atrocious. We discussed this in a recent thread, but I can't remember which one.</p>

<p>modest facts are facts. the ranking list is divine and not open to criticism. also the earth is 6,000 years old. someone needs to quit while theyre behind.</p>

<p>It's true. Data is data. All of it is reasonable and creates real, true, conclusions that cannot be questioned. Brown University has had no suicides this year, Cornell has had 6 suicides. Obviously I would be completely accurate in saying that Cornell students are far more unhappy and they're far more suicidal, psych services are worse at Cornell, no one has good networks of friends, and gorges are ideal places for more than just looking.</p>

<p>That being said, Brown has lost two members of its community to car accidents (one on campus, one in NYC). Obviously Brown students are magnets to cars, can't cross streets, are day-dreamers unaware of reality in the form of thousands of pounds of metal careening toward them, etc.</p>

In case you are a dolt, this is obviously nonsense, totally insensitive, unfair, and pointless. But when you have people who are convinced that simply having a number justifies whatever conclusion they want to draw from it, my brain wants to explode. Cornell is a wonderful place and the recent losses in their community is tragic and should not be seen as a reflection of the school itself, necessarily, without further examination. Those Brown students who were hit were both acquaintances of mine and I do not mean to be disrespectful in anyway. The absurdity of claims that all data is good data and all conclusions "based" on data are strong conclusions requires me to be absurd as well.</p>

<p>The holier-than-thou, I'm an expert on all spaces at all times attitude that is often found on this site is ridiculous. While I've been accused of being a shill for Brown, 98% of the times when I post it's mostly to say, "All the differences you've heard are fabricated or simply not a big deal, here are the things I see as unique based on my experiences and those of my friends and if that's attractive to you, then Brown deserves a serious look." The fact that there are people out there pompous enough to believe they can reduce a complex place and experience like higher education to an objective reality based upon selective citing, constructing straw men, and holding their own claims to a different burden of proof than the claims of others is absurd. "My data is fact!" is just about the dumbest thing I've ever read on College Confidential.</p>

<p>Ask yourself, is that the kind of deep, careful thought we're teaching our nation's top students?</p>


<p>No, you're a high school student for a bit longer, and the first thing you'll learn at Cornell is humility.</p>

<p>@Wolfmanjack and Modestmelody, Why do you guys have to resort to name calling, rudeness, and idiotic behaviors because someone has a different opinion than yours? It is so typical that when someone has no data to backup their arguments they resort to emotional outbursts and stupid behaviors. Modestmelody, there is nothing modest about you currently.</p>

<p>The goal is to help the OP decide on the school thats best for him/her, not to bash another school as not as prestige (which created this stupid dialoque between us). I presented some facts to the OP that I hope will help him/her to make the best decision for his/her field of study, while you two presented emotional outbursts. I hope you two are not a true representation of the Brown student body. I would venture to say that you two are not a true representation of the Brown's student body, because I truly believe that the vast majority of Brown's students have class.</p>

<p>^ And you automatically decided that the school that would be best for him is the one that all of your stupid rankings and websites agree with, and then became snappy when other people offered second opinions. Add the fact that you don't even GO to either school, and THAT is why they can't take you seriously.</p>

<p>Like I've said at least 5 times to you, those statistics shouldn't always be taken to heart. Sure Princeton Review rates Brown as the happiest campus, but does that mean it's a one-way ticket to happiness here? NO. Cornell has been in the media for increased suicide rates. Does that mean that going there will lead to depression? NO. Cornell is ranked one place higher than Brown in the mathematics department. Does that mean that Cornell is light years better than Brown? NO. Some may even think that the math ranking for Brown is undeserved, since they complained about the department being worse than it is advertised as. Because of this, NO, rankings are not always the final say at what school is best for someone.</p>

<p>Oh yes, bring it Lapras, hopefully the other two can join you, which is what I expect from a Brown Thread, you speak of the mathematics ranking, but totally ignored the other rankings. Life is taught me that no matter how one presents the truth, PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE ONLY WHAT THEY WANT, NO MATTER HOW THE FACTS IS JUMPING OUT AT THEM. Hopefully the OP can make his/her own decisions based on relevant facts AND where he/she will find the level of comfort he/she is seeking. Also, Cornell suicide rate is no more than any other top universities. Maybe, you should do your research before talking about suicides. AGAIN, WHEN ONE HAS NO DATA THEY TYPICALLY RESORT TO NAME CALLING, BASHING, ETC. As a matter of fact, my original post is NOT for you or the OTHER TWO, its an attempt to help the OP decide.</p>