Browns Fellow Scholarship

<p>My daughter applied for the Browns Fellow. Anyone know when then will notify applicants if they are a finalist? Also, does anyone know where the Scholarship winners will travel this summer? Thanks!</p>

<p>It's my understanding Centre will notify finalists around March 1st, so probably this week [?]. They'll be travelling to Turkey this summer. Good luck to your daughter.</p>

<p>Thanks BlindLuck. We are keeping our fingers crossed!</p>

<p>My daughter just received her notice that she is a finalist for the Brown Fellow!</p>

<p>Congrats! Please keep us posted!</p>

<p>My son received a letter and accepted the invitation whats the weather like in Danville the end of March ?</p>

<p>Spring has definitely sprung by late March. Temps can range from chilly mornings/evenings to quite warm during the day (70-75). Everything will be blooming. A great time to visit campus!</p>

<p>D had a great weekend at Centre for the Brown Fellows Finalist Program. She received a letter saying she was one of the alternates. She is very honored and will play the waiting game with hopes that she will be called for an open spot.</p>

<p>My Son is an Alternate as well ! now we wait</p>

<p>Hi travelthrulife and gmund48</p>

<p>If you wouldn’t mind, could you please post your kids stat? Do you know what kinds of criteria Centre is looking for Brown Fellows finalist?</p>


<p>gingzhou, I think previous posters may be ambivalent to post stats in order to protect the anonymity of their kids, which I think's quite understandable. If you go to the Centre website, you can locate the average stats for Brown Fellows [somewhere around 3.9+ unweighted GPA, 32-35 ACT, etc...]. I think a key to competing for this fellowship, however, is a creative and passionate leadership project proposal. You can't be afraid to think big and outside of the box. I attended the Brown Fellows weekend a couple of weeks ago with my child. Four current Brown Fellows spoke to all of this year's finalists. It was an impressive group of Centre students: smart, articulate, confident, pursuing varied and fascinating Brown projects. Their projects are taking them all over the world. Among the finalists for this year's ten fellowships [Centre Class of 2016] were a kid from China, one from Germany, a couple of kids from California, Texas, Arkansas, Ohio, from throughout Kentucky. The Brown program is a beautiful opportunity for those selected. The foundation supporting the program is incredibly generous in its support of these Centre students. Good luck.</p>

<p>Thanks BlindLuck. This is really helpful.</p>

<p>Well my Son was selected as an Alternate and is excited to go to Turkey this summer
Centre is a class act and the Brown people are wonderful </p>

<p>I believe this years goup only has a couple students from Kentucky</p>