Bryn Mawr College 2025 ED

Starting a thread for Bryn Mawr early decision applicants! How are you guys feeling? I’m so excited!


I’m super nervous. I’m reallyyyyy hoping I’ll get in.

I am super nervous! I hope I get in too! Have you guys finished your supplements and common app/coaltion?!

I finished everything but I’m not submitting until a little closer to the deadline, just in case I want to change anything. What about you?

I finished my common app but not my supplements.

Hey guys! Does anyone know when we hear back for early decision?

I cannot wait any longer!!! does anyone have any idea when the decisions come in

According to the collegekickstart website, the 20th
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have you guys gotten any updates?? really stressed…

The wait is ~eating me alive~. Has anyone directly reached out to ask when they will release decisions? I’m worried it’ll seem pushy, but also I must know!!!

I got an email saying it will be by the end of this week!!! Does anybody have any guesses as it when it may be within that time frame?

probably Wednesday-Friday. Last year on the day of, they posted on Instagram (@bmc_admissions) that they would release decisions that day and the time. Admissions officers also called some accepted students to tell them that they’d been accepted about an hour before decisions were released.

Does anyone have any updates?? Because I’m ~crazy~ I’ve also been reading Reddit and one person claimed to find out an hour ago on there.

I just saw the Reddit comment. I haven’t heard anything from them.

One hour later and it’s all that I can think about. I haven’t seen anyone else besides them talk of an acceptance. Not on ZeeMee, here, Reddit or the hwc discord so I’m super confused lol

I read it as well and it’s not legit. Don’t let it get to you! It will be this week and hopefully tomorrow! My daughter is applying ED 1 too.

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hi folks!!! you might want to keep an eye on your email at 4pm est today :wink:


Less than an hour left. I can’t wait

Sounds like it will be in 10 minutes! Be sure to answer any calls you get. :heart_eyes: We heard a year ago and they called before the email! My daughter was in a meeting and couldn’t pick up. Good luck - she loves it there!


My daughter got a call around 3:30 and is in with a Presidential scholarship! I hope everyone got good news! Good luck to all of you!