Bryn Mawr College Class of 2025 RD

Applied to Bryn Mawr Fall 2020 regular decision pool. I realized there isn’t a thread for students who applied regular decision so I’m starting one. What made you interested in applying to Bryn Mawr? I wasn’t interested in going to an all women college in my college search but my counselor recommended it and after watching many videos it’s in my top 5.

Hi gloomnoodles! It’s great to meet you! I am attracted to BMC because of the highly academic culture, the strength of all its programs, and the fact that it is a LAC located near an urban area. The proximity to Haverford and Swat is also a plus-- I applied to all three, and weirdly enough, don’t have a preference. I like them all for different reasons!

Afaik, decisions come out in late March. Hopefully it will be good news for us. Good luck to you!

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Btw, where are you from/what major are you applying for? I’m undecided but listed some things on my app :slight_smile:

I’m from Bronx, New York. I applied for a major in sociology!

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From China going to school in the UK~

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anyone heard about decision day?

I applied to all three as well! I really like the idea of having a very small, close-knit college community within the larger community of all three campuses. I don’t know how I’m ever going to choose between them though, if I do get accepted to all three!