Bryn Mawr ED 2024

Since applications are due in a few weeks, I thought I’d make a thread for people applying ED1 to Bryn Mawr!

How long is everyone’s Bryn Mawr supplement? I’m worried mine is too long.

Hi! My daughter is applying ED to BMC too! Her supplement was almost 900 words. Too much?

Today is the ED deadline for Bryn Mawr! Anyone else applying?

mine was like 1300 words. Wayyyyy too long :open_mouth:

And now… we wait :confused:
Best of luck to everyone applying!! It’s only been about a week and waiting for decisions feels like an eternity.

Does anyone know when we will hear? The wait is agonizing! Will it be an email, call, or owl ala Harry Potter? :wink:

Has any of you received any mail or communications from admission Com?

pretty sure we’ll get an email. I think decisions should be coming in around next weekend (13th-16th). Exciting!

Excited to know the decision! Post it here if you got into. Good luck to everyone :slight_smile:

I wonder if they send out decisions on a weekend, or will be have the wait. If so, I hope they let us know on the 13th instead :wink:

Also, I’ve seen others in the past post about a BIONIC account for their BMC info. Did anyone get info about that? A login? We’ve just been using “application status” page they sent us.

Has anyone heard anything yet? I applied ED 1. Wondering when we are hearing back.

Mine was 460 words.

Hi, how’s everyone? Does anyone receive any update from the college, like emails and such?

No update so far. Apparently, in the past two years, ED1 applicants are told what time decisions will be released the morning of decision day. In the past, it is 4:00 pm when decisions are released. Last year decisions were released on Friday, and the year before and the year before, decisions were released on a Thursday.

Also, sometimes President Cassidy calls a few accepted students an hour or two before the decisions are released.

i know other 7 sisters schools are starting to notify/will be on friday! fingers crossed it’s this friday afternoon or earlier!

My supplement was about 950! And I asked admissions on an Instagram poll a little while back, and they said before their winter break. Dorms close the 20th, so before then!! Good luck everyone!

Has anyone called admissions to ask when the decisions will be released? I REALLY hope it’s Friday or before and we don’t have to wait until Monday or later!

Come back and check in here when you hear!