Bryn Mawr EDII

Hey guys! What are your predictions on when the results will come out?

I believe last year decisions were released Monday January 28th, and the 26th two years ago. Both came out at 4pm EST. Three years ago it was also the 26th. I read somewhere that it would have been the 26th last year, but things were delayed by the government shutdown. So perhaps the 27th or 28th, since the 26th is a Sunday this year.

Does Bryn Mawr have a policy to notify students to check their admission portals a week before admission decisions?

Hey! I was accepted in the ED1 round of admissions. For us, we received an email a few days before decisions were posted (two-three) telling us to make sure we could still access our decision portals. The morning of admissions we received an email stating that decisions would be out that afternoon (4:00 PM EST). Also, many of us received phone calls the day of decisions before the admissions portals were updated telling us we were accepted, so keep your phones around on the day of if you can! I hope this helps and eases your nerves in any way it can. Good luck!

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yeah, i just got their gmail (notification deadline) ! They are going to release the decisions at the end of the week!

Thank you, it really helped!

Hope I will meet you soon :slight_smile:

rejected international. I guess I should have expected that since I applied for an almost full aid

Hey, I am also rejected international and applied for full aid))
so think the problem is not in us as applicants:)

@kulchytska , what should we do next? :frowning: another ed2 or just stick with regular to other colleges

@Amy24 Do you think other colleges will let us switch our decision plans so late?

@kulchytska i am not sure tho :frowning:

Hello! So can I pleae know what general stats of students applying to Bryn Mawr is? The SAT score and GPA if you’re going test optional. THank youu

Here is some information about that from last year’s admitted class: Class Profile | Bryn Mawr College.