Bryn Mawr Transfer 2021 Applicants

Hey! I applied to Bryn Mawr as a transfer student this year, and I’d love to connect with other transfer applicants!

hi! i applied too:)

did you see that email? next week!!!

Yeah! cant wait!

i’m super nervous! i’ve heard of people getting into really selective schools like wellesley and ivys but not bryn mawr:/

i’m so excited!! it’s between mount holyoke and bryn mawr for me, i’m waiting for bryn mawr so i can make my final decision :slight_smile:

do you guys think decisions will come out on monday or tuesday?

i think monday, i was looking through past bryn mawr transfer threads and it seems like that’s when they usually release decisions!

omg do you have an idea of what time😳

i’m so nervous for today! i’m really hoping that i get in

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i was waitlisted! mount holyoke here i come!! i really warmed up to it over the past couple months and honestly think i would’ve picked it over bryn mawr so i’m happy :slight_smile: i hope y’all get in!

congrats on mount holyoke! i’m sure you’ll love it there! as a side note- did you know that bryn mawr is need aware? i just found out and can’t help but wonder if that factored into my decision