Bryn Mawr vs Connecticut College vs Washington College

Ok I’m mainly trying to choose between these couple of schools although I also got into Mount Holyoke(but spring admit).

Intended Major: Environmental studies/Neuroscience- possible pre med

Bryn Mawr College:
suuuuper nice campus
most prestigious school I’m considering
rigorous academics but non competitive atmosphere
freedom to change majors and take many different classes
lots of unique traditions
lots of clubs I like
partnership with Haverford College
great location
most diverse (international and asian)
all women’s
lots study abroad
mom went there
family is in dc so only a train ride

most expensive(literally full tuition-77k)
rigorous academics may be too stressful and time intensive
some say it is too small(~1200 students)
not necessarily a ton of intership/research positions for enviro science
parents said the professors weren’t helpful or cared(this was thirty years ago though)

Connecticut College:
campus on an arboretum (research opportunities)
paid summer internship program
some prestige?
competitive admissions-possibly good academics
lots of diverse clubs
merit scholarship(48k total cost)

haven’t heard the best about neuroscience/pre-med
everyone confuses it with uconn
new London is a ~sketchy area~
not the best location to get to
not too diverse
somewhat party/drinking culture
some buildings are old and not nice
professors are hit and miss

Washington College:
big merit scholarship(30k total cost)
enviro science and new neuroscience major seem strong
professors seem engaged and want to teach
environmental center just built for research
campus is ~2 from family in dc
cute small little town

very isolated(would need a car)
not too many out of state/international
study abroad not too strong
very homogeneously white
literally no one knows about it
acceptance rate is really high
found lots of instances of racism and it not being handled
apparently credits won’t transfer over to other colleges
may be too small
seems to be lots of sports/drinking/frat culture

Anyway, thanks for insight and advice!

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I think given the financials, Conn College is most worth it. It probably has the same prestige with Bryn Mawr and being in the NESCAC is a plus.

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Is money an issue - I’ve heard good stuff about Washington College in MD - and given your major, I don’t see the need for pedigree.

That’s a big different. But CC is very well respected and you clearly like it, so it might be a nice middle ground.
PS - every school has a party/drinking culture - especially the pricey ones with rich kids - and every school has hit or miss professors.