Bryn Mawr Waitlist 2025

Hi guys. Just wanted to know if anyone else got waitlisted from Bryn Mawr and what you’re doing to improve your chances!

Hi @AtINCoNatIngr! I got waitlisted too, so I sent a letter of continued interest to my admissions officer. In the letter, I explicitly expressed that I would accept an admittance for class of 2025 and emphasized that I think Bryn Mawr is the place for me.

Hey​:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: I was waitlisted as well. I just sent my letter of continued interest today, and I was wondering if anyone knows how many students Bryn Mawr usually admits off of their waitlist? I know there was an increase in applicants this year as well I think. I’m so nervous haha I really hope this letter improves my chances :sweat_smile:

Sorry the emoji was typed out for some reason haha

I just got taken off the waitlist today! I did send a letter of continued interest. Good luck to everyone!


Congrats, Brooke! It’s nice to see people getting off the waitlist!

Congrats Brook! I also got taken off the waitlist this morning, it is so exciting!!