BS CS 2025: ASU (Barret) vs SJSU vs TAMU

My son has got acceptance from Barret (CS)/SJSU(Software engineering) & TAMU. We are still awaiting UC admissions. Wanted to see if there are any graduates/parents who can provide guidance on the following:

  1. It seems SJSU due to its proximity to SV has better prestige as well as opportunities. We are local to bay area so this would be the cheapest option out of all. However was wondering if there is feedback on slots available to take necessary courses as well as the class sizes. Seems like ASU is better w.r.t class size and availability of courses.
  2. Barrett has class size & availability advantages and also seems to have better courses & electives compared to what I see in SJSU. Cost is higher, but is something we can handle. Also seems like there is better chances of doing Dual degree if he is interested.
  3. TAMU he is not guaranteed to get into CS program, so it seems a bit risky as well as cost is definitely much higher than other two…

Any others going through similar trade offs or experience with above, would appreciate your feedback.