BS/DMD Apps 2020-21

Starting this for anyone applying to combined 6-yr, 7-yr, or 8-yr dental programs.

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Which schools did you apply to?

I applied to penn, vcu, nsu, augusta, cwru, and uconn for dental programs. What about you?

Did anyone get into any program already?

Not dental yet, only undergrad programs

Where are you applying?

Detroit mercy, Augusta, UOP, and nova

Hi, did anyone receive the decision notification from UoP yet? I also applied to UoP pre-dentistry but I haven’t heard anything from the school yet although they stated in the school portal that the decision would be released in mid-January.

I recieved it this morning, I got accepted in computer engineering

Congrats! Did you receive a separate email about it? or was it on your applicant portal?

I haven’t gotten anything. When I do I’ll post.

I received an email to check my portal. But then again, this is pre-dentistry you are talking about, so it probably is different from me. Hope you get in!

Thanks guys! I asked my friend who got into the 3+3 program last year and she told me that she received her decision in early December since the application was rolling. Is our application this year supposed to be rolling too? I am guessing that the circumstances are a bit different due to covid-19 this year.

I got into the 2+3 dent program at UOP on Friday 1/22/2021

Did anyone hear back from Detroit Mercy’s 7 year program? Or do you know when we hear back?

congrats! I wonder why mine is still not out yet. I also applied to UDM but I didn’t hear anything back from them yet either besides the acceptance to their school of engineering & science a month ago.

Congrats! Can you provide stats, EC’s, dental experience, etc?

Anyone here applying to VCU dental program? Have you heard anything about the interview yet?

I emailed my admissions counselor and me that the decisions for the program would release at the end of this week! This is for Detroit Mercy by the way.

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I just received an email that I got into UDM’s 7 year accelerated program too.

Assuming there are no other choices, which school do you prefer?
UOP or UDM ?
Thank you in advance for sharing your insight.